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What We Do – Kumba Kumba

What We Do


As Kumba Kumba Africa, our core business is farming. We operate from 3 farm plots namely Nyangani farm in fern valley Mutare, Hapaori farm in Nyamaropa Nyanga and South East farm in Chiredzi.

Nyangani farm

The Fern Valley Project is situated in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, approximately 4km out of Mutare City, adjacent to the magnificent Bvumba Mountain Range which forms a geological boundary between Mozambique and Zimbabwe. It has been our main horticultural centre due to its proximity to the Mutare CBD, where the fresh produce retailers are located, and its closeness to the local Mutare hotels and schools, who we also supply with fresh produce. In addition to retailers and other institutions, the local Fern Valley community supports us by purchasing our produce.

South East Farm

Our South East farm is approximately 8km from the Chiredzi town CBD and 5km off the Tanganda highway road. The farm is alongside the Chiredzi river which is where we draught our irrigation water. The vast virgin land which makes up South East farm, coupled with the irrigation potential provided by the Chiredzi river, earn the farm the title of being our biggest resource. We are still gradually growing our operation size on the farm, currently we are operating on 4 hectors.

In addition to the water and land, another attribute of the farm is the rich clay soil coupled with a frost-free climate in the lowveld of Zimbabwe where we are located. These attributes allow production of a wide range of horticultural and cereal crops throughout the year and even during off season periods, in particular during winter.

Hapaori Farm

Our Hapaori Farm is located in the mountain ranges of rural Nyanga, in a region called Nyamaropa. Our farm has the most beautiful view of the Nyanga mountain range and the popular Inyangani mountain peak which boasts of being the highest point in Zimbabwe. The Nyanga highway which leads to the tourist destinations and tea estates of Nyanga, is flanked by the farms two- land blocks. The highway divides the farm so that one 2-hector block is one side and the other is opposite it, across the highway.

The Hapaori farm has been dormant with intermittent periods of production as due to the unavailability of irrigation facilities, operations only take place during periods of rain.

What We Do

Fresh produce

Green Vegetables
Green Beans

Grains and Cereals

Sugar Beans
Finger Millet /Zviyo grain
Sorghum/Mhunga grain
Ground Nuts

Livestock and Poultry

Road Runner Chicken

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COVID-19 Notice on orders.!

Due to current demand on orders during the lockdown please do the following:

Diaspora customers – Please place your orders via whatsapp +447927574619 or email zim@kumbakumba.com for orders to your friends and family in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe customer – Please place your orders via whatsapp to +263773937768 or email zim@kumbakumba.com

Thank you in advance, stay home and stay safe!

If you know of anyone who is vulnerable, has no food and money. Please be honest and not abuse the system to email hello@kumbakumba.com with details. T&C Apply we will do our best to help.