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Who We Are – Kumba Kumba

Who We Are


We will be dedicated to producing and providing excellence in everything we do.

We will pride ourselves on being trustworthy and reliable in everything we do.

We will never stop learning and applying improved methods in everything we do.

Our Mission

Together, we make it our mission to believe in Africa and its people. We Invest and create opportunities for all of our people to build Africa for the better. We do this by creating value in our resources and through continuous learning.

Our Vision

‘’To be a trusted Zimbabwean brand, creating opportunities for Africa and its people’’

Who We Are

Kumba Kumba Africa is a proud Zimbabwean family-based agricultural organization which runs and operates three farms in Zimbabwe. Our agricultural operations involve the farming and supply of horticultural produce to the local communities around our farms, retail outlets and service industry organizations, in particular local hotels.

Kumba Kumba Africa is an organization whose establishment was built on the values of Trust, Commitment and Innovation. Our mission follows the Africa custom of Ubuntu and our mission is to champion inclusivity and collaboration in our communities, so that knowledge, innovation, opportunities and economic freedom is realized.

At Kumba Kumba Africa we believe in Africa and her people; our success is their success; we are because they are, and they are because we are.

Our Story

During the Zimbabwe summer of 2019, seated in our grandmother’s backyard, we held a meeting in which the CEO Ranga Zulu, recognized the need to grow our small start-up business, which we had named Kushinga Chickens. Kushinga Chickens was a seasonal and informal start-up whose sole business was being a middleman for sales of poultry. Kushinga Chickens would purchase bulk poultry from established large scale farmers and then resell them directly to local customers. However, one of our co-founders, Ngoni Nyangani, being knowledgeable in agricultural operations, suggested expanding our fledgling start-up from being a middleman for other people’s produce to being both the producer and middleman.

The proposed system involved Kushinga Chickens rearing its own poultry and then using its already established links with customers. This new model would allow us to enjoy both being a producer, together with the already existing business of being the middlemen. This new business model then developed into the fast-growing Kumba Kumba Africa, a reputable, trustworthy and dependable family-based private limited business. 

Kumba Kumba was officially established on the 25th of August 2019, a week and a half after that initial meeting in our grandmother’s backyard. Kumba Kumba began its first farming operations at the Nyangani Farm plot in Fern Valley. A farm which belongs to one of our co-founder’s grandfather, a retired former headmaster who purchased the piece of land in the 1980 when Zimbabwe was born of the demise of Rhodesia. 


During late 1979 after a stint as headmaster at a rural primary school in Mashonaland East, Sekuru Nyangani was called to return to his former job as headmaster of a catholic mission school in Manicaland South, which has been on a moratorium during the war. A short while after his return, when the school began operating normally in 1980 post the ceasefire, the Ministry of Education called Sekuru Nyangani to tell him that they had been mistakenly under paying him during his time in Mashonaland and he was going to receive a lump sum of what he was owed. It is this miraculous development which enabled a teacher like himself to purchase the beautiful farm on which Kumba Kumba Africa was born.

COVID-19 Notice on orders.!

Due to current demand on orders during the lockdown please do the following:

Diaspora customers – Please place your orders via whatsapp +447927574619 or email zim@kumbakumba.com for orders to your friends and family in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe customer – Please place your orders via whatsapp to +263773937768 or email zim@kumbakumba.com

Thank you in advance, stay home and stay safe!

If you know of anyone who is vulnerable, has no food and money. Please be honest and not abuse the system to email hello@kumbakumba.com with details. T&C Apply we will do our best to help.